Women United

A network of women dedicated to improving the lives of our children.

What is Women United's Purpose?

Women United is a dynamic, philanthropic group dedicated to promoting United Way's Bib to Backpack work around children's early development. Members give, advocate and volunteer to ensure that parents and caregivers in our region have the tools they need to help their children be successful.  

Our Vision
To grow a leadership group dedicated to United Way for Southeastern Michigan’s efforts to prepare children in Greater Detroit for lifelong success.

Step 1: Join our team

One of our dedicated staff members will reach out to you personally to learn how you want to give back. 

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Step 2: Make a donation

Our members not only promote this work, they also contribute to support it.

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Step 3: Attend an event

Take an impact tour at a United Way for Southeastern Michigan partner agency focused on early childhood work, tour our headquarters, volunteer or attend a happy hour.

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Step 4: Spread the word 

Help us grow Women United by using our toolkit.

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Meet our founding members

Our founding members are committed to this mission:

  • Co-chair: Beth Chappell 
  • Co-chair: Bridgett Feagin
  • Co-chair: Heather Paquette
  • Beth Chappell
  • Bridgett Feagin
  • Heather Paquette
  • Lisa Ackerman
  • Jennifer Adderley
  • Pamela Applebaum
  • Lizabeth Ardisana
  • Helen Arsenault
  • Mary Barra
  • Stephanie Bergeron
  • Shari Burgess
  • Kelly Busch
  • JoAnn Chavez
  • Marianne Churchwell
  • Susan Cischke
  • Anita Dauch
  • Margie Dunn
  • Sarah Earley
  • Elyse Foltyn
  • Lisa Ford
  • Linda Forte
  • Kerri Gentry
  • Nancy Glen
  • Regan Grant
  • Sylvia Hagenlocker
  • Jeneanne Hanley
  • Marcia Holland-Turner
  • Kristen Holt
  • Lorna Howenstein
  • Susan Joseph
  • Anke Kaas
  • Sheila Konanur
  • Jennifer Kosonog
  • Mary Kramer
  • Stephanie Kummer
  • Bonnie Larson
  • Ellen Leitch
  • Julie Lenyo
  • Laurie Macaddino
  • Marilynn Magreta
  • Peggy Meador
  • Anne Mervenne
  • Colleen Monahan
  • Nancy Moody
  • Leslie Murphy
  • Faye Nelson
  • Mary Beth Nicholson
  • Marie Nowosielski
  • Carey Oven
  • Eileen Petroff
  • Vivian Pickard
  • Sandra Pierce
  • Barbara Pilarski
  • Vickie Piner
  • Bobbi Polk
  • Terry Rakolta
  • Mandy Rice
  • Carol Ritchie
  • Andra Rush
  • Barb Samardzich
  • Luisa Schumacher
  • Christine Scoggin
  • Kristin Smallwood
  • Amber Stack
  • Sujatha Subramaniam
  • Terri Tahnoose
  • Karen Telang
  • Tracy Thomas
  • Lauren Thomas-Fisher
  • Laura Trudeau
  • Linda Wasserman
  • Caroline Way
  • Marilyn Way
  • Gwen Weiner
  • Kimberly Whipple



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