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A family that gets on its feet and stays upright becomes a vital contributor to the community. If we leverage our United Way base, we can restore our region to economic health and create a bright future for our families. We will see financially secure parents meeting basic needs, providing healthy meals, engaging with their child's school, helping their neighbors and investing in their communities.

What we're doing

Earn It. Keep It. Grow It: We're focusing on getting individuals into jobs with upward earning potential in careers and growing industries; keeping dollars earned with families and helping them access tax incentives while lowering expenses; and accessing mainstream financial institutions, creating and building savings, taking advantage of group purchasing power and planning for the future.


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Yolanda W. Greater Detroit Resident

As an only child who grew up in a middle class family, Yolanda never wanted for anything. As an adult, she married and had two sons, and both she and her husband worked in the auto industry. Yolanda’s comfortable life changed dramatically after she and her husband divorced and she lost her job due to downsizing.

The unemployment and child support she received were not enough to support her family. She didn’t want anyone else to know how desperate her life had become, but one dark day she swallowed her pride and called United Way’s 2-1-1 information and referral service. Yolanda’s call to 2-1-1 was the first step on the road to self-sufficiency. With encouragement from United Way, Yolanda is again employed. She loves her new job at the Eaton Innovation Center in Southfield.

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This work is funded, in part, by the following partners:

Bank of America
Finra Foundation
Skillman Foundation
Matilda Wilson Foundation