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Fighting Hunger: A United Effort - Objectives and Expected Outcomes

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Summit Objectives

  1. Inspire development of innovative models to address food insecurity through the dissemination of best practices and facilitate collaboration between best-practice groups and key hunger-fighting players.
  2. Understand the barriers across multiple sectors that inhibit access to the current food system and develop strategies to begin breaking down these barriers.
  3. Engage participants around a shared call-to-action.
  4. Spearhead the creation of a regional collaboration focused on the call-to-action.
  5. Launch a united hunger-fighting effort whose goal is to overhaul the existing food system and establish a  more accessible and efficient system in order to end food insecurity in southeast Michigan.

Summit Themes

Themes will be based on barriers addressed by each of the panel members. Each member will be asked to touch on approximately three barriers encountered in the sector in which they are an expert.

Expected Summit Outcomes

Barriers in the current food system will be identified, analyzed, and discussed in such a way that attendees will understand the need to develop a shared call-to-action and inspire a commitment to the collaboration. They will be encouraged to join the regional collaborative that will lead the charge in developing a strategic plan to overcome these barriers and establish a more efficient and accessible food system in southeast Michigan, thus bringing an end to food insecurity.