Bib to Backpack Sales Toolkit

These tools are available to help inform, engage and reach your target audience

Overview (Part 1)

What is Bib to Backpack?

Elevator Speech

Overview (Part 2)

What are the individual pieces that comprise Bib to Backpack?

Individual Strategies

Printed Brochures

Your company employees can take advantage of the same programs they help financially support. (NOTE: Please work with marketing for materials.)

Full Size Brochure

Business Card Brochure




Awareness Campaign

Your company employees can engage by spreading the word about our work.

Donation Letter

Take a cue from a sample letter on how to tee-up this work.

Sample letter

Sponsorship Menu

Coming soon!


Bib to Backpack Overview - Coming soon!

Community Impact Story - Empowering Parents

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are updated as needed. Please click here to see a current listing.