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Agenda for Change Investment Framework and Implementation Plan

Investment Process

United Way is investing in powerful partnerships with organizations that can be a part of our work in Income, Education and Basic Needs, and have the innovative strategies, demonstrated leadership, proven models and strong relationships to help us reach Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal of making Greater Detroit a Top 5 place to live and work by 2030.

Partners must have sound fiscal practices, demonstrate strong executive and volunteer leadership, and be able to deliver results. And partners must illustrate how they can advance a specific investment strategy as defined in the Investment Guidelines and Strategies for Education, Income and Basic Needs. Click here to access the full investment guidelines.

Focusing on three main areas

People can live their best lives when they are educated, financially stable and healthy. 

1. Education


2. Income


3. Basic Needs


2011–2018 Investment Process

We are moving toward a system where our goals and business unit strategies that drive those goals inform who will be funded. As a result, United Way’s investment strategies will usually be an invitation-only process by which invited organizations can make proposals for investment.

United Way will be constantly scanning the public, private and nonprofit sectors in the region for organizations that meet our investment criteria and could make great partners in our work. We will invite those organizations to submit a proposal for investment. Receiving an invitation does not guarantee funding but rather starts the investment application process.

To be included in the scan for potential partners, an organization can email

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