Have you ever felt unprepared?

For 40 percent of children entering kindergarten, the struggle is real.

We’ve all had a few moments in life where we’ve felt woefully unprepared. Waking up on the day of a big test, knowing that you didn’t study enough. Underdressing for a formal occasion. Stepping into the driver’s seat on that first day of driver’s training.

But for children entering kindergarten, being unprepared can mean the difference between graduating at the head of the class and dropping out before high school ends.

Our pro bono agency partner, Leo Burnett Detroit, was blown away after learning that 40 percent of children in Greater Detroit are not prepared for kindergarten. So they created this video to help spread the word about what we're doing to turn this statistic around with our Early Development work.

We believe the moments between the Bib and the Backpack make all the difference in preparing our kids for life long success. Learn how together, we can give our kids the right start by checking out free parenting resources, like developmental screenings at BibToBackpack.org.